Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Liebster Award Tag

I was tagged in this by https://moviesmeetmatch.blogspot.com/ (Great blog if you love movies, by the way.), which was kind of surprising, as I haven't known her for very long. But I love films and pretty much anything to do with films, so as I was reading her post I was sort of hoping that maybe someone would tag me in one of these. So it was nice to discover that she herself had tagged me, and some of her questions have to do with movies!

 The Rules:
~Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award. (Done)
~Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
~Give 11 random facts about yourself
~Nominate 11 blogs. (Do I read that many blogs? To everyone I tag: know that you absolutely do not have obey me. Only do it if you really want to.)
~Notify those blogs of their nomination
~Give them 11 questions to answer (all part of the fun!)

 What is your 2nd favorite hobby?
Hmm... that depends. In a way, drawing is my second favorite. But, in a different way of thinking, drawing is my first favorite. For now, I'd have to say that drawing is my first favorite hobby, and music is my second.
What is your 2nd favorite movie?
Ugh, I can't think of my second favorites of things... maybe The Fellowship of Ring? The first being Return of the King. If two movies from the same series counts.  
What is your 2nd favorite book?
....Maybe The Fellowship of the Ring? The first being Return of the King. If two books from the same series counts.
What is one of your nicknames?
 Tori-Story, also the name of my first 3,405,897 blogs. (Or just the first three.) My sister Bethi calls my Vector, instead of Victoria, because of the guy in Despicable Me, who, I may say, acts a lot more like her than he does me.
Who is your favorite acting pair?
This is a hard one. I'm having to ask my sister for ideas. She says Ali Hillis and Drew Fuller in The Ultimate Gift work pretty well together. I'll go with that, I can't think of anyone else. 
Giraffes or Zebras?
Black and White movies, or Color?
 Color movies for every movie except a James Stewart movie, because I like to pretend that James Stewart really did exist only in black and white.  Hugo is one movie I can think of that had very wonderful colors in every scene.
Animated or Live Action?
That really depends. If it's a super "thematic" movie, I'd rather it be animated, because you can make a lot more "unrealistic" things look real with animation than with live action. And movies like Lilo and Stitch wouldn't work well with live action, because Stitch would be terrifying. But if it's more story based than drama based, I like live action because I like to watch real actors. (The above rules do not apply to thematic movies such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. This is what happens when you animate Tolkien's works. Country music dwarves. Not to mention Green Gollums.) 
What is your favorite dessert?
At this point in time, ice cream. But it's always changing. 
Reading or watching movies?
Watching movies, although that apparently turns your brain to mush. But I read a lot of books in order to keep my brain about the consistency of oatmeal.
Snow or Sun?
50% of my previous four blog posts have made my answer of "Snow!" very clear.

And now, 11 facts about myself: 

  1. I keep my window closed on sunny days and open it on rainy ones. 
  2. I am currently learning German, and am supposedly 60% fluent, but I find that rather hard to believe. 30% at best. 
  3. My favorite piece of music is Beethoven's Sonata Pathétique and I listen to it almost everytime I am doing math. 
  4. I can turn my feet backward. 
  5. I'm fairly good at imitating voices, and can sometimes sing bass. (Not all the time, though.) I randomly started quoting Dory from Finding Nemo one time when I was nine, and my dad said I sounded just like her, and I then attempted Ellie from Up, and after that I just started doing it all the time. (and, and, and.)  For some reason, I absolutely can not do Elsa, but Bri (my sister) says my Kylo Ren is pretty good if I practically choke myself while doing it. (No Daddy, I will not show it to you when you get home, I have perfect it.)
  6. When I'm drawing a face, I don't envision it before I draw it, I just draw whatever I feel like, because I know that if I have an idea of how I want it to look, I'll be disappointed with the actual finished piece.
  7.  I have promised myself never to say "h*ha" or put any kind of emoticon on this blog. (Almost had break my promise, but asterisks saved the day.) 
  8. I can only use one kind of toothpaste. Any other kind gives me really bad cold sores. I have a scar in my mouth from one really bad one when I was ten.
  9. When listening to the radio, I often can't tell if a singer is male or female unless they have a really high or deep voice. 
  10. Until I was thirteen, I copied Bri in my ideas for my future, because I was very bad at coming up with my own ideas: I followed her in wanting to be an author, who lived in the country, owned a farm, and sold knitted afghans. That does sound like a nice life, (although I'm not sure that's what she's planning on anymore) but now I cannot imagine anything less suited to my personality. I have no desire to be a writer, would much rather live in the city, hate farms, and can't knit. Ergo, my original life dreams are more of a bullet list of what I should not be doing. 
  11.  I hate being hot and love being cold. Which is why I hate summer and love winter. (I think this blog is turning into a "down with summer" campaign.)
 Now to nominate people...
I nominate
And Simple Impossibilities
and you other five people, just nominate thyselves if thou wishest.
(Remember, nobody has to do this if they do not wishest!) (Except for you, Bri and Bethi. You have to do it.) (But you don't have to nominate anyone, Bethi.)


What is your favorite time period for fiction books to be set in?
Fictional movies, or movies based off a real person?
Favorite preacher/pastor? (e.g., Charles Spurgon, R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur.)
Least favorite movie character?
What do you think about Van Gogh's paintings? (Just curious, I've heard differing opinions about them.)
On a similar note, do you feel like Charles Dicken's works are intriguing or dry?
Favorite language? (Even if you don't understand a word of it.)
Are you able eat white meat or grapes without inspecting them thoroughly first?
Dream job?
Favorite name?
Thing you're best at? (Or maybe thing people tell you you're best at, even though you think you're better at something else.) (And it has to be something NICE.)

Hope those questions are fun to answer!


  1. Do you hear me laughing up here?! Because yeah, I loved this. I'm so glad you did this XD. And those questions at the end, GIRL!!!! I am going to feel so pressured to come up with questions half a interesting to know the answer to when I do my taggggggg!!!
    I love the continuity your blog always has. And have I ever told you it reminds me of chocolate every time I comment? Mmmm...

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you did it!!!!!

    Yes, Jimmy Stewart can only be in black and white movies.

    I think your fact #6 is awesome.

    High five. The cold is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alli & Drew do work well together in The Ultimate Gift, t'is true. *nods*

    Your facts were really interesting!